39 High-Paying Remote Jobs & Where To Apply

Making money online requires effort, dedication, and consistency! However, some of the online jobs we’ve shared are easier than others. And, if you’re willing to do the work, you can make money easily. But not every business needs a full-time web designer on staff. As a college student, you can build websites for businesses in your spare time.

  • If this won’t be your first job, then you may have some technical skills from previous jobs to add to your resume.
  • I hate to break it to you, but high-paying remote jobs with no degree and no experience don’t really exist.
  • Being that last semester was my final seamster as a student athlete, my schedule has opened up a lot.
  • Let them know what services you offer (business cards, branding, flyer design, etc.) and how you can help them increase brand awareness.

And if you have specialized skills like managing Facebook ads or email marketing, you can charge a premium rate. Online jobs often provide more flexibility regarding location and schedule, making online work a great solution for many college students. In this article, we overview eight of the best online jobs for college students, including required skills and recommended resources for each. Photography is one of the most popular remote jobs for college students and otherwise.


Data entry is relatively stress-free and typically doesn’t require any specialized skills, which makes it a great online job for college students who don’t want a serious commitment. However, this doesn’t mean college students can’t work remotely. Like non-remote jobs, the level of education required for a remote job will depend on the nature of the job. Here are all of the easy remote jobs organized by job category.

You’ll need to put in a lot of time and effort, and you may not see any return for months (or even years). Most businesses these days need some form of video content, whether that be a commercial, an explainer video, or just recording events. They need to be edited together, which is where you’d come in as a video editor. At the end of the list, we also answer some FAQs and share resources on how to get over some common obstacles people face when attempting to make money online. Well, these days, in the glorious age of the internet… your options for making money are practically endless. Those fit the needs of a typical college student’s profile, and they were the criteria for our research.

PPC Marketing

With the increase in digital businesses, companies need written content to improve their marketing and increase their online authority. Online jobs for students that require no experience tend to differ paid remote jobs for college students depending on responsibilities and the company. Maybe you need a tablet to speed up your workflow or a piece of software. Consider the start-up costs and if you can afford them in the long run.

easy remote jobs for college students

Language teaching is big business and people always want help from a real person who knows their stuff. If you’re not sure how to make your IRL art look neat for a digital shop, check out this video on how to make your hand-drawn pieces into clean digital art. According to Prospects, the Society for Editors and Proofreaders suggest setting an hourly rate of a minimum of £25 or more. Food and drink tends to be a popular area for freelancer writers to focus on, or you could dive into more business-focused writing, like financial or technical writers.

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